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Topic Summary: 

Albrecht declares that "More people have lost jobs, friends, and mates as a result of social incompetence than for any other reason." He defines Social Intelligence as "the ability to get along well with others and to get them to cooperate with you." 

Join Canada’s leading expert on civility and communications in the workplace and learn how to leverage your social intelligence and avoid social bankruptcy. 

This interesting and practical presentation focuses on Social Intelligence - the new essential skill for success in the workplace. 

Topics covered include: 

What is Social IQ and why is it important; overview of current theories
Evaluate your general Social Intelligence; Self-assessment
Leadership and Social IQ; competency and credibility
The role of Social IQ in collaborative workplaces; fostering respectful communication
How  to boost your Social IQ; leveraging multiple intelligence's

For a limited time, this lecture is offered as a 1 hour keynote or a 3-hour workshop, priced at $3850.00 plus GST which includes all speaker’s expenses.  Email us at to check for available training dates. Questions?  Call us at 204.996.4792

”Common sense is the most evenly distributed quantity in the world. 
Everyone thinks he has enough.” - Descartes, 1637
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