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Low Social Intelligence might be the reason for poor communication and/or low individual or group productivity. COCC offers SI assessments and Tailored Social Intelligence Training for your organization. Our most popular SI Assessment Tool is:
The Social Intelligence ProfileSM
Social Intelligence (SI) is a combination of awareness of the feelings, needs and interests of others - sometimes called your "social radar" - plus an attitude of generosity and consideration, and a set of practical skills for interacting successfully in various situations. SI is one of at least 6 distinct "intelligence's" or dimensions of human performance now recognized by scientists and educators. According to Dr. Karl Albrecht, "people who have a highly developed sense of Social Intelligence have more friends, better relationships, more successful careers and happier lives than those who lack those skills."  Learn what COCC can bring to your organization...

The New Science of Success
Social Intelligence (SI) is the ability to get along with others while winning their cooperation. A combination of “social radar”- a sensitivity to needs of others, an attitude of generosity and consideration, and a set of practical skills for interacting. 
 - Karl Albright
"Exhibiting civility is a measure of Social Intelligence; Train to teach civility in your workplace"

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